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  2. In reality, the span will be marginally longer than the clear span. Different codes have their own method for determining span; this also varies with materials. Often span is center to center of supports. Sometime clear span plus depth of member. It varies. Dik
  3. What is your operating system 3G or RAM seems small... but, your operating system has to accommodate it. I'm running 32G on Win7 Pro. The ordinary Win 7 can only use 8G or 16G depending. Home desktop is an Intel i7, running at 4GHz. HDD is an PCIe m.2 drive. I'll do a FEM program in minutes whereas my office desktop will crank away for several hours. Dik
  4. A little confused... tensile strength of ??? concrete, PT strand, bond strength of PT strand? Can you use unbonded tendons? Is this a slab on grade? and strand at centroid? What are your pour limitations? distance? volume? or area? Lots of unknowns. Dik
  5. Check it with limit states design... there is usually an improvement in strength over ASD. Does the Eurocode allow you to restrict a loading for an area if it's not up to strength? Does the Eurocode have provision for renovation of existing structures. Dik
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  7. I hope someone can provide some answer or links as to where I can get the tensile strength of construction. We are doing a Post Tension ABOVE GROUND slab. The slab panel is very large and as to be carried out in 2 pours. For the first pour, starter bars are provided for the second pour. But in PT slab, after the pour, theslab is initially stressed after the first day and then the full stress after 7 days. PT slabs are different from conventional slab. The force P/Area is applied and the joint will debond if it is greater than the tensile bond strength. For construction joint, what is the bond strength of the 2 nd pour concrete to prevent formation of crack line. The concrete bond to reinf is higher but the CJ crack will occur first.
  8. That structure was almost certainly calculated with allowable stress design method. You should check in old national code what were allowable stresses for particular concrete class and then check the slab with that parameter. I think you checked the slab with no safety coefficient but used full fcd value that can only be applied for limit state design.
  9. I need to check an existing structure. The structure is - 50 years old - concrete beam/column/slab structure - reinforcement is known (ferroscan and destructive check) First I want to check the floor slab = continious slab of spans 2.7m. According a calculation with current EC , the floor is not OK. (taking a variable load of 200kg/m² and EC safety coeff) When I don't use any safety coeff. and the load of 200kg/m², then the slab is OK. Would anyone know how a construction at that time was calculated?
  10. The Ultimate Anti-Seismic System Τhe patent achieves the following 1)The consolidation of the nodes of highest level of the walls with the ground, using the mechanism of the invention, deflects the upward tensions created by the wall overturning torque transporting them freely and directly from the roof into the ground and in this way stops the displacements responsible for all growing tensions on the body of the bearing elements which they cause inelastic bending deformations and failures in a major earthquake. 2 ) Also the mechanism and method of anchoring provides very strong foundation in soft soils 3)The wall receives only compressive stresses at both ends a) at the upper end and the facing lower end near the base. Does not exist anymore tensile strength. This means that there are no longer torques in the nodes Does not exist anymore mechanism of concentric forces failure The floor mechanism (soft floor) does not exist anymore 4) Does not exist anymore coordination because the whole construction is shifted with the same frequency and the same oscillation amplitude 5) The wall also receives horizontal shear forces. Apply tension at all edges of the wall with the patent mechanism increases the ability to horizontal shear forces. Open Journal of Civil Engineering The Ultimate Anti-Seismic System
  11. HI, I've mostly used combination modem/routers in the past so I hadn't really come up against this till now. I have an ADSL modem which serves DHCP, but only to one device. It also doesn't have a configurable IP. I plugged my router into it (connected to the WAN port, of course), but when I do that, I can't use the same subnet on the LAN as on the WAN. (The modem serves 192.168.1.x, so I have to use something else, e.g. 192.168.0.x.)What I don't understand is why those can't be the same. Aren't they separate networks? Doesn't the router's NAT take care of stuff like that? Is this just an arbitrary limitation of this router, or is there some reason it must be this way?Doesn't that create a problem in the way things are modularized? For example, when I was first configuring my router, I had the modem disconnected, and I was configuring it on 192.168.1.x. As soon as I plugged in the modem, it changed my LAN subnet to 10.0.0.x. This leads to the situation in which, if I switch out the modem, and it decides to serve some subnet supposedly "in conflict" with my LAN, my whole LAN is screwed up because it's dependent on some modem which isn't even on the LAN. Likewise, it makes for a restriction in the way I can configure my LAN, based on some silly modem that isn't on the LAN. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Motion graphics video agency Thanks!
  12. HI, I'm about to run out and grab some supplies for running conduit for my audio and data cables. I've researched the threads here quite a bit on conduit runs, but I'm just a tad confused. I know I need to run electrical conduit correct? But what do I use for elbows, I seem to have found, especially on Kathy's Barn Conversion, others running into this problem. I am not running connectors through the conduit however, but prepped ends which will be soldered to plates in each room. Is there also a limit to the diameter of the conduit I need to run, or as long as it is insulated, it wont be an issue? Any thing I missed, or important issues regarding this, would be much appreciated!! Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Creative infographic design agency Thanks!
  13. HI, I ran into a question on the Ballast practice exam that related to whether an intermediate moment resisting frame structure was permissible in seismic design category E or F. According to the correct answer, it's only permissible in categories A-C, and in D under certain circumstances. However the book did not give a specific code reference and I'm interested to know where it comes from so that I can be aware of what MSLFRS are allowed in which seismic design categories. Does anyone know if there's a succinct table or other reference that spells this out? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Creative infographic design service Thanks!
  14. Dear Seniors, What exactly difference in 1. BRE Aggressive Chemical Environmental for Concrete (ACEC) class is AC-2r 2. Normal Concrete Do we need to indicate any special cement type or special design mix? What exactly the above recommendation different than simply specifying the M25 concrete. Please suggest any information to get knowledge on the above concrete class if possible. Please check the below link for the image Thanks, Regards Saikiran Gone.
  15. This one have capacity design to EC8: You can see capabilities in user manual.
  16. Hello forum, As per EN 10025-2, steel can be ordered either +AR as rolled or +N normalized rolling. So as a designer how do you specify whether +AR or +N is required? Since we are only concerned with mechanical properties of steel grade as specified in the code for design. Please see my interpretation & correct if I am wrong, As normalized rolling is used to improve the mechanical properties of steel We shall specify grade like S275 J2 as per design requirement, then steel supplier is suppose to decide whether he is capable of achieving the mechanical properties of steel in as rolled condition or not. and accordingly he will supply +AR or +N grade. Am I right? Do share your views....
  17. Thanks for the suggestion. I will work on it.
  18. Suspension of the upper edge of the walls with the earth reduces the displacements responsible for all the stresses that develop on the structural carrier. The patent is stacked into the ground to draw from it a force that transfers it to the upper end of the wall in order to apply a counterbalance to the torque of the wall
  19. HI All, Expecting inputs for seniors. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  20. One cubic meter of reinforced concrete weighs 2400 kilos. The steel reinforcement in it is about 140 kilos per cubic meter. Empirically if you multiply the number of 0.25 by the square meters of each floor then you will find the cubic meters of concrete. In the end, add + cubic meters of the bases. So if we have a building skeleton with a floor area of 100 square meters, if we multiply by 0.25 we will see that it consists of 25 cubic reinforced concrete weighing 25 x 2400 = 60000 kilos or 60 tons. Steel reinforcement is 25x140 = 3500 kg or 3.5 tonnes. That is, 3.5 tonnes of steel for 60 tonnes of concrete are needed. A cable winch (crane) weighing 3.5 tons, how many tons of weight could it lift? Answer = Thousands of tons. (not dozens) Conclusion Concrete has a lot of reinforcement in it that has the ability to lift the weight of the construction hundreds of times But the constructions in large earthquakes suffer damage. Something is wrong in the study done by the civil engineer. What's wrong? Imagine a man drowning in the sea. A civil engineer will throw the rope into the sea and leave without holding the edge of it. They do the same with the constructions. They put a lot of steel reinforcement without wrapping one end into something stable from which they could gain strength. The method with the mechanism of this patent is what it does, which is not done by mechanical engineers. The patent is stacked into the ground to draw from it a force that transfers it to the roof to stop the drifts and the tensions that deform the structural bearing elements. You've heard that they say (the drowning of his hair is caught) Somehow, they are building the construction today ... many irons for little benefit. One has to explain to them that they have to tie one end of the rope on a firm and strong place. (like ground) This is what I'm trying to explain 10 years! But some have not yet understood it. If they do this with less steel they will have more effective results with the earthquake.
  21. This is basic case of beam to beam splice connection with end plates. Look in SCI P398 or in ECCS Manual for steel joints.
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  23. Anyone? Or shall i ask, what structural design software are you using, and does it have capacity design to EC8?
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