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  2. you don't. You only declare performance of your own work. If erector welds, bolts, ... and such, either: - he does not have work in a workplace, and thus does not fall under the CPR - prepares his work in a workshop, needs his own EN1090 certification, and has to draw a DoP for his interventions.
  3. Hello forum, I was thinking, whether stainless steel can be a part of structural steel or not?
  4. But, final assembly will be done by client contractor .i.e., welding, bolting, erection etc. So how can we produce DoP, for the work done by other contractor?
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  6. Hi, today I read my old comment of yesterday, and I was wrong in his second part, so I must correct part of what I said. In the middle of the beam of course the Nc is maximum but the shear strenght is zero. So I correct my mistake of yesterday: the correct is that in the middle of the beams we don't have any shear strenght. But the two critical sections are in this case the support (where is the maximum shear) and the middle of the beam (where is the maximum bending moment), so " at intermediate points approximately mid-way between adjacent critical cross-sections " means approximately at L/4 of the beam, where the shear strenght is still not zero. And there we have to do the check, calculating with the elastic solution the number of the connectors and comparating this number with the number of constantly-spacied connectors, in a certain lenght for example 50 cm.
  7. Hi. I am not sure, because I was also asking myself the same question. But I have an opinion, I will give it and I hope there will be someone would say if he agrees with me or would give his own opinion. Because you have that the bending resistent moment of the composite beam is very big (>2,5 times) in comparison with the bending resistent moment of the steel beam alone, that means "the concrete slab is very thick", so when you divide the total M between the steel beam and the concrete slab, you get a quite big Nc (Nc= normal force in the concrete slab, Ns= normal force in the steel profile). So, if you have an important Nc (and the maximum value of Nc is in the middle of the composite beam, where you have the maximum bending moment for gravitational loads), maybe the number of connectors in that zone (middle of the beam) is too little if they are constantly spacied, and you could have to increase it in that zone. So, the check you shoul have to do is a resistance check, comparing the shear strenght acting in the connectors in the middle of the beam with the available PRd. If this shear strenght is bigger than PRd, you have to increase the number of connectors in that zone. Of course, I would know also the others' opinion about that.
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  9. You can make a single DoP for all components of one skid, including anchor bolts, washers, nuts, ... Best to include an erection plan, and you refer to this on the DoP. If you have a certain type of skid that comes regularly into production (in identical form), you don't always have to make a new DoP but you can re-use the first one over and over again.
  10. Application point of view, fabricated skids, base plates for skid column, some loose accessories are dispatched separately. They gets assembled (base plate welding to column, attaching loose accessories) on manufacturing site forming a single structure, but erection and assembly is in not in our scope, So we will have to produce separate DoP for each fabricated skid, every type of base plates for skid column, some loose accessories etc. Which I was thinking as single for whole structure.
  11. OK, does the difference of a structure, kit, component, construction product, construction work, makes a practical difference to you? If so, please indicate the repercussions it has to you. We'll see from there.
  12. Yes, since I have no other reference, any way I am satisfied with your answers. For me as defined in EN1090-1: Thank you for the valuable comments. Regards Gurudev
  13. Yes, in that case it is a structure for me. Please define "structure". I think you rely on those definitions too much. See the definitions I quoted above. I see no reason to exclude these skids from application of the EN1090. Both during fabrication as after installation, it is a construction product.
  14. May be I could not interpret your last post. Do you mean after installation of skid you will call it as a structure, then we are on same track. Are we?
  15. Yes, every skid has its own foundation where it will stay forever. If you will call it as a structure, then currently there is no hEN for it, as I mentioned in the first post EN1090-1 is for kits and components.
  16. Yes. Is that, - yes, indeed it does matter, or - yes, I confirm the skid is a "construction work" ? For me, a skid is mobile and thus does not fall under the CPR. If however, it has its own tailormade foundations and will be permanent, I'd call the skid a structure.
  17. Agree with you. Yes. What is your opinion about our interpretation for kit and structure?
  18. You can use vibration dampers that allow the machine to be fixed to the structure. Check with your suppliers.
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