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    Yes, in that case it is a structure for me. Please define "structure". I think you rely on those definitions too much. See the definitions I quoted above. I see no reason to exclude these skids from application of the EN1090. Both during fabrication as after installation, it is a construction product.
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    From the construction products regulation, terms and definitions: Doesn't matter if your construction is a product or kit, it needs CE marking. What does matter is, is your skid a construction work.
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    Hallo. EN 10025-1 is standard which defines steel grades and EN 14399-1 standard about bolts. EN 1090-1 is for products, thus, any kind of fabrications built in the shop. Cheers
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    Hello. I haven't spent much time studying these standards but from what I understand 1090-1 is meant for conformity assessment of products (including individual beams, etc) leaving fabrication shops, but 1090-2 is meant for conformity assessment of whole structures as erected on site. Best of luck!
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    Hello. Simultaneous usage of peak wind pressures on opposing surfaces can sometimes be too conservative - in these cases, it is generally more cost-effective to use wind forces for design of global stability (shear walls and bracings). Another situation where you would want to use wind forces instead of wind pressures would be for slender buildings where their dynamic response to wind becomes significant. Cheers