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    I'm not sure what your anti-seismic device is, but, it does not appear to be part of the structure. The 'massive' and rigid roof structure and the relatively fixed base pretty much establish the failure observed. The rigid 'L-shaped' corner columns and the relatively flexible second floor do little to prevent any torsional displacement/failure. The failures shown on the floor plates are pretty much that would be expected. If you have a viable anti-seismic device then you should approach the seismic engineering experts in the US likely. Careful, they can be tough/unscrupulous business partners. They may, however, be able to provide the impetus to successfully launch your product. I've seen some tuned mass dampers that work well as long as they are maintained. One of the two most difficult projects I did was a 6 storey parkade in a reasonably high seismic area... the architect didn't want the columns exposed on the outside and the entire perimeter cantilevers 15' (4.5m). Flexural spandrel beams were used around the perimeter to force a mode(s) of vibration. Just some thoughts...