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  1. Hello, I have posted some spreadsheets for the design of bolted beam to column connections according to EN1993-1-8. I would be glad if you will use them and inform me of any errors. And also if you have some suggestions please tell me. The spreadsheets are now in moderation queue, but I hope they will be available soon.
  2. Hello Saikiran If Z less then Zmin, just take Zmin instead Z in Expression 4.4 and 4.7. cr(z)=cr(zmin)=kr*ln(zmin/z0)
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  3. Unless you have some extraordinary loads, slip resistant fasterners should be ample for the stairs. A bit of a caution, careful in the size of fastener. Often stairs are assembled with 3/8" dia fasteners (A307 type bolts in NA). I have a personal preference not to use fasteners less than 1/2" (12mm). I've seen too many smaller fasteners twist off. Dik
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  4. Software Name: Master EC2 Reinforcement Software Company: Robobat Polska - BIMware Website: www.bimware.com email: info@bimware.com Software Description: Master EC2 Reinforcement is dedicated to conduct calculations for the necessary reinforcement areas or maximum capacities of concrete sections and RC elements beams and columns. All calculations are conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1) with possibility to consider available national annexes. Design scope: calculations of necessary reinforcement areas for a user-defined section shape and size with given internal forces calculations of maximum capacities - internal forces for a user-defined section shape and size with given reinforcement areas calculations of required reinforcement area for a given external load on a beam, or a given internal forces diagram, with a typical static scheme calculations of required reinforcement area for a given external load on a column calculations of cracks and deflections (SLS conditions) verification of construction conditions such as: minimum and maximum reinforcement ratio, diameters of used bars, minimum cover thickness etc.. Discounts or Special Offers for DesignToEurocodes.com Registered Members: 30 days trial version available for download. We offer 5% discount for DesignToEurocodes.com Registered Members How a registered member can get the discount? For download, please click here http://www.bimware.com/en/download.html For discount, please contact info@bimware.com and give your Forum User Name to get the discount. Subscribe to the BIMware Newsletter to receive information about new version releases and other special offers.
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