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  1. Hello all, Do you know any available formulas for the calculation of the embedment length of threaded bolts i.e. bolts that are connected to plates through their thread and not with the use of nuts. Thanks
  2. Daniel is right ! By the way we are planning to upgrade the forum soon and hopefully the Downloads section will be back!
  3. Welcome to our forums rottweiler!
  4. Hello! I am not familiar with UK NA but I think that if it doesn't show the cpe1 values then you have to use Eurocodes. You can also double check if you have the latest and not a draft NA version.
  5. Hello! It seems that this version of STAAD doesn't support Eurocodes...
  6. Hello Yuri and I am sorry for the late response! Did you use for your calculations Eurocode 1991-1-4, clause 7-11? It's not clear from the attached image how you applied the wind pressure, but I think it should be parallel to the wind action.
  7. Hello Sam! Welcome to!
  8. Hello and welcome to our forum! I hope to share your design experience with us! Feel free to post comments and create new threads!
  9. Is your 'canopy' a duopitch roof? If yes, why not? I think that you should also consider Annex A, parts A.4 & A.5.
  10. Welcome to our forum Atis!
  11. Hello Tuan! Feel free to ask any questions about Eurocodes! We are here to help!
  12. Hello Daz and welcome to the forum! I have designed a lot of portal frames in the past and I have also attended a very interesting Steel Construction Institute CPD seminar. Feel free to ask if you have any questions! A general comment is that the detailing of the connections is very critical for the performance of these structures.
  13. Hello and welcome to the forum! I am not sure what exactly Eurocode mentions about balustrades... A general guideline would be the following: 1) Wind loads to EN 1991 1-4 assuming it's a free standing wall 2) Horizontal live line load @ 1.10m, 1.00 kN/m 3) Vertical live line load @ 1.10m, 1.20 kN/m (in case of a handrail) 4) Deflection limit: span/180 5) Load combinations according to Eurocodes, as usual... Hope this helps!
  14. Hello! By 'shear', do you mean the 'shear strength' of the slab? Are you referring to slabs supported by beams or to flat slabs? If you are referring to the distribution of the vertical load to the 4 edges/beams, you can simply assume that the load of slab will be distributed to beams in 45 degree dispersion of slab plan area. That dispersedd load will be act over the beams in UDL.
  15. Hello to all! I am really sorry for this... I have already deleted the account of this user and hopefully he will not send more private messages. Chris Somerville I accidentally deleted your post in this thread. Please let me know if you receive more pm.