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  1. Eurocode allows rectengular spread foundations eccentricity L/3, but in the same time it is recommended to keep the eccentricity much lower - L/6. How do you handle this rule? I am interested how do you design spread foundations of columns who have little self weight, but huge wind loads.
  2. Interesting, I have seen glass roofs, floors, beams. Is it possible to make also glass columns? Are there any manufacturers who are able to build such elements? Are there any glass element design guides available?
  3. Depends. In my company pinned bases+bracing system is often used and preferred.
  4. How do you calculate lateral torsional buckling resistance of channel sections? How do you find Mcr - elastic critical moment for lateral torsional buckling?
  5. Agree with your post, it is rare. I have seen worked examples where alpha for web is not calculated either, you simply assume that it works only in compression, by doing so you find the web class. I assume it is the worst case scenario for web.
  6. Well I found a nice worked example which sums all mentioned points pretty much:
  7. Hi, Can anybody help me with design guide/worked examples for crane supporting structures according to Eurocode?
  8. How do you calculate alpha in EN1993-1-1 table 5.2 page 2/3?
  9. How do you calculate cr(zmin) value? Eq. 4.4
  10. I need help with welded RHS sections. By CIDECT design guide 3 (p.3.9) minimum throat thickness is a>=0.92t for S235 a>=0.96t for S275 a>=1.1t for S355 These numbers are a lot bigger then amax=0.7t that is mentioned here before. And I do not understand why this CIDEST design guide 3 does not give calculation of welds for K, X, Y, N joints. So, can I take smaller value of ''a'' when designing RHS welded joints (like a=0.7t)? Can somebody give me guide, worked example of weld design for K, X, Y, N joints?
  11. Hello I am here to study Eurocodes, get help in improving my work.