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  1. Can someone refer me to procedure for calculating the value of the restraint load used to contribute to net foundation reaction?
  2. Sorry, should have mentioned that aware of the rules and EC requirements. If you work through, assuming each beam SS and acting as tie, the tie force ~ shear force. So using 100% of SF is reasonable rule of thumb. Tried to post in more general terms. Just wondering about the case for doubling the code provision and as mentioned source of these provisions. Perhaps , it may be down to an individual engineer.
  3. For a multi-storey braced beam and column steel framework. Any one familiar with the general provision of tie force equal to beam shear reaction? A general provision of tie force is the maximum of 150kN or 2x SR There is a further refinement based on the number of secondary beams. 1 secondary beam, Tie force = 2.0x SR 2 secondary beams, Tie force = 1.5x SR 3 secondary beams, Tie force = 1.25x SR Any comment appreciated.
  4. General situation - I section with plate welded to underside to support skin of masonry. Particular situation cavity wall with I section under one leaf and equal load on each leaf. Bottom plate supported with vertical stiffeners welded to web/flange at intervals. Does provision of stiffeners mean that the torsional effect from external brickwork can be ignored and the beam just designed for vertical action?
  5. Situation - a pedestrian footbridge over a river ~ 25m for a golf club (design life <50years). The design adopted is to use galvanised SHS trusses. There is guidance in UK NA to use a minimum 4mm thickness for sealed sections. Looking for advice on minimum thickness if drainage holes left open.
  6. I am performing a double check on a building design using steel and timber Eurocodes. The building is in the UK. The designer has used BS6399 for calculation of wind loads. Is this permitted in any situation?