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  1. you don't. You only declare performance of your own work. If erector welds, bolts, ... and such, either: - he does not have work in a workplace, and thus does not fall under the CPR - prepares his work in a workshop, needs his own EN1090 certification, and has to draw a DoP for his interventions.
  2. You can make a single DoP for all components of one skid, including anchor bolts, washers, nuts, ... Best to include an erection plan, and you refer to this on the DoP. If you have a certain type of skid that comes regularly into production (in identical form), you don't always have to make a new DoP but you can re-use the first one over and over again.
  3. OK, does the difference of a structure, kit, component, construction product, construction work, makes a practical difference to you? If so, please indicate the repercussions it has to you. We'll see from there.
  4. Yes, in that case it is a structure for me. Please define "structure". I think you rely on those definitions too much. See the definitions I quoted above. I see no reason to exclude these skids from application of the EN1090. Both during fabrication as after installation, it is a construction product.
  5. Yes. Is that, - yes, indeed it does matter, or - yes, I confirm the skid is a "construction work" ? For me, a skid is mobile and thus does not fall under the CPR. If however, it has its own tailormade foundations and will be permanent, I'd call the skid a structure.
  6. You can use vibration dampers that allow the machine to be fixed to the structure. Check with your suppliers.
  7. From the construction products regulation, terms and definitions: Doesn't matter if your construction is a product or kit, it needs CE marking. What does matter is, is your skid a construction work.
  8. rarely go => a building that has no function for the (semi-continuous) presence of human beings. A warehouse without a desk or office (used solely for storage), agricultural sheds, shelters for machinery, technical spaces, ... Rarely go = only when necessary (to pick up stuff, for maintenance, ...) Single occupancy, we interpret as one family as well. If part of the house is rented out, it's no longer single occupancy. It's only an interpretation, but we haven't had any remarks on this approach.
  9. Hello Gurudev thanks for looking at my document. Please tell me what exactly you're trying to achieve. you say, the k-factor = .58 , using S275. Could you show me how you got this result? As for the 4mm starting threshold that is mentioned in EC3-1-8, you're correct. I'll adjust the tables to comply with EC3-1-3 § 8.5.2. Thanks for your comments.
  10. Did the above document help you in any way? I always appreciate any feedback: If I could improve or clarify something in that doc, please let me know!
  11. I'm not sure I completely understand what you're asking in your last post. I'll try to answer though: the regulation (not the standard), which equals the law, says that when you declare a single characteristic, it's enough. This does not include "NPD" ofcourse. So, a single actual value is sufficient. As a reply to your previous post: CE and DoP needs to exist twice: one copy for the client, another for your archives. You're legally bound to keep a copy for 10 years. You do not have to submit it to the government/...
  12. An excerpt of the regulation 305/2011: Where applicable, provisions for an intended use or uses of a construction product in a Member State, aimed at fulfilling basic requirements for construction works, determine the essential characteristics the performance of which should be declared. In order to avoid an empty declaration of performance, at least one of the essential characteristics of a construction product which are relevant for the declared use or uses should be declared. So, declaring a single prestation is enough to fulfill all legal requirements.
  13. Declare NPD if you question its use. You only have to declare one characteristic.
  14. We've had updates for the national annexes in 2014; 2015; 2016 not but most likely this year again. Depends on each country...