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  1. Hi. From EN 1994-1-1 If the plastic resistance moment exceeds 2,5 times the plastic resistance moment of the steel member alone, additional checks on the adequacy of the shear connection should be made at intermediate points approximately mid-way between adjacent critical cross-sections. What additional checks mentioned in this article?
  2. Hello. The question is in the title. I tried to compare results from different software and little bit confused. I thought that results will be very similar, but in my opnion they are not. Description of the models and results below in DETAILS. Maybe something did wrong. Waiting for criticism and clues. Archives with model files and calculations can be downloaded here >> There everything is divided according to the programs.
  3. I don't see it. Some of descriptions actually have some pdf articles but they are not full AD. Look attachment.
  4. Thank You Reinis. It helped. But there only brief description of each AD without possibility to download full AD. So my request still valid.
  5. When I go by your link only gray screen appeared and that is all. Look attachment. I tried at work and home, the result is the same. If you can download it from website, please share.
  6. Hello Saikiran If Z less then Zmin, just take Zmin instead Z in Expression 4.4 and 4.7. cr(z)=cr(zmin)=kr*ln(zmin/z0)
  7. Hello Reinis. Only those who have SCI subscription can download them from website, which I don't have.
  8. I mean SCI publications
  9. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year dear forumers! Can somebody share discontinuous columns design advisory desk notes (AD281, AD283, AD285, AD288, AD292)? Best regards!
  10. Hello Tony. I also read section 11 not long ago. As I know LW is often used in bridges and hi-rise buildings. Advantage of weight reduced by high price and little smaller strength. About your question... I think the answer is increase of LW strength class or increase of diameter and number of shear stirrups. As I know, there is no other options for standard RC design (non-pretensioned) in EN2. Wait for your lecturer answer
  11. For a pile cap with closely spaced piles, in addition to bending and bond stress checks, a check should be made on the local shear stress at the face of the column, and a beam shear check for shear across the width of the pile cap. For more widely spaced piles (spacing > 3 × diameter), a punching shear check should also be carried out. EC2 worked examples - EXAMPLE 6.12 PILE CAP [EC2 CLAUSE 6.5]
  12. Can not disagree with you Reinis. For engineer it is always best way to be on the safe side.
  13. Oou!! It explains a lot to me. It's bad that there is no direct information about this effect in Eurocode. In such condition reinforcement strain of 0,45 is possible in some situations As I understand, this equations are used only to check need of explicit check on the rotation capacity in case of redistribution of bending moments and have no direct restrictions to x/d ratio. Yes, I know and that is why I am realy realy appreciated for your interest to my question. Physical laws are indentical in all countries Realy Thank You!
  14. You meant this requierements? This is only one x/d requierements that I met in EN1992-1-1. If not, can You guide me where it is? It is exactly what I am thinking of. If You look my excel file (sheet "v3") from previous post, You will see, that for maximum concrete strain, strain in reinforcement become 450‰=45%=0,45. For such strain stress will be σs=εs*Es=0,45*20000kN/cm2=9000kN/cm2 which is much larger than ultimate tensile stress for B500 reinforcement. Reinforcement rupture will appear much earlier.
  15. Dik, thank you for the answer! Unfortunately, first of all I have interest in Eurocode.