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  1. I thought so, thanks for the reply, i have already continued my design using a birds mouth.
  2. Both of the edge supports will be designed as pinned non-movable, only allow rotations but no displacments
  3. Ok, so the contractor said that he doesnt want to make a birdsmouth cut where the Rafter sits on the wall plate/sill plate but instead he said that he prefers to bevel the wall plate at an angle equal to the roofs and let the rafter sit on it, fixed with big screws on top. I disagree with this approach due to the fact that having the rafter sit on top of a beveled wall plate does not provide a firm base to the rafter to sit on, also the load path is not completely transferred to the wall plate where its supposed to be transferred. Instead most of the load I suppose is carried out by the screws that are holding the rafter down. Please have a look at the image below in order to understand what i mean by saying that the load path in not transferred to the wall plate 1st image on the left shows the rafter with the birds mouth cut and the load path driven towards the wall pate the other two images show the rafter without a birds mouth and with a beveled wall plate, as you can see the load path is not transferred to the wall plate but continues downwards, to me it looks like the rafter is left hanging by the screws and almost no support from the wall plate.
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