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  1. Dear Engineers, Please guide me to find adhesion factor (alpha) value in the calculation of pile capacity in cohesive soil as per Eurocode 7 - DA3. In all worked examples, they were showing value as alpha = 0.4, I am in confusion that, is this value is constant or varies. If it varies how to find for different values of cohesion (Cu). qsk = alpha * Cu. (Basic Formula). Please find the one of the PDF I referred for worked examples, The above query can observe on page 28/37. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  2. Dear Engineer, Can anyone please share the pile design sheet or example for granular/cohesionless soil pile capacity calculation as per Eurocode-7. I am not even finding the equation for calculating the pile capacity in the granular/cohesionless soil as per Eurocode-7. Please guide me to which clause to refer in the code to get this equation. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone
  3. Hi Sir, Basically, I am dealing with the solar module supporting structure. I am interested in any steel structure which is having a recommendation regarding temperature load and expansion joint in steel structure. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  4. Thanks, ReinisGailitis, for your information, Sir, can you please suggest any Eurocode design desigm manual to refer. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  5. Thanks ReinisGailitis, for your information. But sir, I require same information for the steel structure actually. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  6. I request sineors to comment on above query. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  7. Dear Engineer, When to consider the expansion joint in the structure, if we are not providing any expansion joint what is the minimum length of the structure in that temperature loads to be considered. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  8. Dear Sir,Please find the attached image-1 for earthquake application in .I know base shear value but I am not confident in distributing the EQ loads.I request experts to correct me if I am wrong.To the point I know the base shear = x Kns I need to distribute to the joints/notes for the attached image-2. Please find the images in the following link for your ready reference.,Regards,Saikiran Gone.
  9. Dear All, I request experts to comment on above query. Thanks,Regards,Saikiran Gone.
  10. Dear Kindly share theEngineers,U bar details for beam column junction. Please find the attached image for ready reference. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  11. Please find the link to download the images related to above query. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  12. Dear All, I am confused with the anchorage length calculation when bend/hooks are using. As per EN2 the development length is getting more when bends are using compared to straight bars are using. This is complete reverse scenario compared to Indian code. Kindly clarify me . Sorry for not attaching the images. My account is going with out upload limit. Example : C20/25 Ld = 49d- Straight bars Ld = 69d -- 90 deg bend As per Indian code Ld = 49d- Straight bars Ld = 41d - 90 deg bend Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  13. Hi dlnunes, Thanks for your valuable reply. Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  14. Dear All, I am new Eurocodes, Many of senior designers told in Eurocode the eccentric moments are more in the design of steel column. Can I know what exactly they refer? As per my knowledge in the design of steel column I consider ey.N, ez,N are the eccentricities with respect to the neutral axis (i.e For non-symmetrical cross sections the possible shift eN of the centroid of the effective area Aeff relative to the center of gravity of the gross cross-section). Please clarify me if there are any eccentricity do I need to consider in the column/structure design. Type of structure designin - Solar module supporting structure geometry is T- Shape . The column supporting the module with 0.8m cantilever length as a rafter. Hope you people understood my query. Sorry for not uploading the image/drawing as I crossed the uploading limit. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran Gone.
  15. yes , I want to calculate the L/d ratio only. Thanks, Regards, Saikiran.