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  1. @ReinisGailitis: " I suspect it is more on a conservative side so that you wouldn't underestimate tension in the tie". Like your point. by the way, i tried to mean reinforcement with r/f. Thank you very much.
  2. @ReinisGailitis: Thank you very much for your point. With that approach, the strut angle can be limited. But it leads to enormous amount of r/f in the tie as the column load is fairly high. By the way, actually what is the risk of exceeding the strut angle?, is the strut will crush/ fail in shear?
  3. Hi all,According to most of the STM references, the maximum struct angle is about 60-65 degrees. I encountered a case which an elongated column has to be supported by a 2-pile pile cap. But the struct angle is about 70 degrees when the column load is replaced by two point loads at column edge. To maintain the strut angle to 60 degrees, need to have a shallow pile cap, then the Tie force is very large and cannot accommodate r/f.Is there anyone can assist please ?