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  1. Hello, Is there anybody interested in design of steel beams in torsion? I hope so, because some time ago, I have developed web application for this purposes and I strongly encourage you to tests! Web application is available at page. You can use the default credentials, i.e. username: "be4mtest", password: "Haslo1". You can also register yourself and use your own account. General assumptions: > Beam has one span (simply supported beam) > Support condition is the fork support > Beam load is the concentrated force with eccentrity with respect to the cross section shear centre > Beam cross section is hot rolled I or H section > Beam cross section class due to bending is 1 It is also important to know, that this application uses: > Finite Element Method - for calculating the internal forces (linear static) > SCI P385 Design of steel beams in torsion - for calculating the influence of torsion (degree of torsion and its derivatives, additional bending moments) > Eurocode 1993-3-1 - for global stability checks (this module is still in implementation) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!