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Hi all,

I am a junior facade engineer. I would like to know whether it is possible to weld on Aluminum? If yes, is there any special procedure for the same?

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dik has already provided good material. You can weld aluminium, but the welding is done with AC not DC systems. Welding aluminium is way harder than welding usual steel (have been welding in past with TIG systems - talking from experience). There are also some MIG/MAG type AC systems. Although for facade systems I suppose the aluminium thicknesses are small so the preferable method of welding will be TIG.

Best of luck!

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Hi Rahul,


Aluminium welding design is not a good option if your designing moment connection, since most of the aluminium profiles have less wall thickness which results into lesser weld size, also the design strength of welding reduces to almost half of the strength of parent aluminium material used due to heat affected zone (HAZ).  There is a specific material strength table mentioned in ADM-2005 for the length of aluminium member in the HAZ (normally it is 25 mm from the weld line). 

I normally prefer aluminium welding in decorative items or any non structural aluminium elements.




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