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Saikiran Gone

Serviceability Load combinations for foundation design

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Dear all,


What are serviceability load combinations to be considered for pile foundation design.




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    • By saruncivil
      Dear engineers,
      Hi I am new to eurocode and to member design job. Can anyone please help me how to arrive load combination and in what way... If any example or you had designed, please share to my mail id.
      Please help and guide me
      Thanking you for your time.
      Arun S
    • By enkay
      Hi! Could you advice me on load combination for pile foundation design? The structure is subjected to buoyancy as well.
      Do you have some guidance to make good understanding on how to prepare the combinations?
    • By mita4itu
      Hi! I am looking for an example of a supporting construction for a suspended crane in a production hall. I am also wondering is the crane girder a simple beam when it's suspended. I found an example but for a bridge crane. And my second question is how to combine loads produced by machines (dynamic loads) because I didn't find any texts in Eurocodes on how to combine this loads with the static and accidental loads. I am going to use factor 1, but I am not really sure if it is right.
    • By rudi
      How do you read this:
      "Annex A1
      A1.2.1 General
      NOTE 1 Depending on its uses and the form and the location of a building, the combinations of actions may be based on not more than TWO variable actions."
      First question:
      Depending on what? Uses, form and location? How these affect the combinations?
      Second question:
      If we have imposed load, snow, wind and crane loads, we must combine
      only TWO of them in our combination?
      But in the tables below it is written:
      Leading variable action + Accompanying variable actionS! How many are the accompanying actions if all the variable actions are not more than TWO, of which one is leading?