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Horizontal shear in RC walls from lateral loads

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I was wondering could anybody help me, in relation to RC Shear walls, when shear walls are subject to lateral loads such as wind and notional loads in a tall structure, is there a specific check for horizontal shear in plane/or traverse of the wall which should be checked? or is it just based on section 6.2 of EC2 as per beam and slabs etc. Section 12 gives a shear check for plain walls however this would be based on the section remaining plain, i.e. no tension/uplift in the wall, thus section is un-cracked. However if you have a tall structures with shear walls there is usually tension, thus does section 6.2. apply in this case? I have checked literature etc. on RC wall designs and there doesn't seem to be any examples or commentary on checking for shear in walls in accordance with the Eurocodes. if anyone has any comment or already done this I would like hear your thoughts?





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In general shear walls are design using strut-and-tie models. This allows a way to design for both shear and longitudinal stresses. 



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Thanks for the reply. However i have found some guidance in the new concrete society design examples manual. They have used the section 6.2 of ec2 to calculate the horizontal shear capacity of the wall, taking allowance for the axial load acting down on the wall as per any shear capacity calculation, thus i think this is correct.

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