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Design of built-up gantry girder example

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Hello forum,


We want to increase the capacity of existing working crane as part of expansion.

For this purpose I have checked column of building supporting the Gantry girder(GG).

They are ok.

Now as far as GG is concern it is hot rolled I beam with channel section (open face down) from top, but this current GG size is not ok for for the increased capacity.

Now task is to increase the capacity without changing existing GG set-up (without breaking and replacing it with new increased size GG),

addition is allowed to current setup(only for GG, no addn columnn will be added)

So does any one have idea how It could be done?

Please share any refference examples from document or book or it's link for manual calculations.

I am planning to add hot rolled I beam from bottom to existing GG with flange of existing bolted to new one.

Refference may be from any national code or book.

Thanks in advance.

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A sketch of the current situation would go a long way. Anyhow, don't hope for definitive answers to your question as they're something we all are earning our living for. 


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