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Design of underslung crane bridge girder

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Hello once again.


I am designing a crane bridge girder with capacity 10T, span 12m and running on bottom flange (1st time) according to CMAA74.

It will be box section made from joining plates.

I have made the calculations for the global and local stresses, as well as checked the combinations.

But I have doubt, when shall we use the intermediate stiffeners (diaphragms).

Section tells the requirements when

h/t>240/(tau)^0.5 and buckling stability requirements as per section 3.4.8 are not satisfied.

I am not able to interpret the section 3.4.8; My interpretation for section 3.4.8 is as follows (please correct me)

"If ϑB>DFB, then no stiffeners (diaphragm) are required."

I have tried many combinations with many load cases(with comp and shear stress close to their allowable limits), but never found the requirement for stiffeners according to section 3.4.8.

Please do reply.






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This forum about Eurocodes, so you can look in EN 1993-6 for crane girder design

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