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Online spreadsheets for structural design by CalcPad

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This is a web site with structural design spreadsheets I've created with CalcPad:


Spreadsheets are located in the 'Library' section. Most are free to use. Some require registration that unlocks 10 days free trial access to the whole library.

The main advantage of CalcPad is that calculation formulas are automatically displayed in the output and values are substituted. It is easy to check and follow the results.

You only have to fill the input boxes and click 'Calculate'. Then you can print the results from the browser.


It is also very easy to program with CalcPad. Source codes are simple math formulas, mixed with text/html comments in 'quotes'.


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    • By Gurudev
      For steel structure to be CE marked we must follow harmonized standard EN1990-1 i.e., we must have FPC system certified by a certification body.
      If a manufacture want to declare design characteristics in his DoP, design must be included in FPC system.
      Now how design is assessed in FPC audit?
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      Hi there!
      Trying to build up a store of Civil/Structural Engineering Spreadsheets.
      Mainly interested in Eurocode based calculations but will take anything.
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      5.10.9 Design of pile caps
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      (a) The spacing of piles should generally be three times the pile diameter
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