Structural steel and stainless steel

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Hello forum,

I was thinking, whether stainless steel can be a part of structural steel or not?


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    • By Gurudev
      Hi all,
      I have to design a structure (skid) with stainless steel(SS) material according to eurocode.
      Design software we use is STAAD pro v8i which supports EN 1993-1-1:2005 
      & for SS structure design code is EN 1993-1-4
      So in this case
      Is it possible to design structure using EN 1993-1-1:2005 with material parameters of SS?
      Since EN 1993-1-4 is supplementary part for EN 1993-1-1 when construction material is SS.
      please give suggestion.
    • By ion
      Hello to all!
      I have to design a structural steel channel beam (it is not a standard cross-section) for pure torsion. So far, I have calculated the maximum torsional stress using a finite element analysis model and I have also made some simple hand calculations in order to double check my results. I was wondering what the next step would be... How can I calculate the maximum torsional stress strength of this section? Are there any other design checks that should be carried out? What if this section was made of stainless steel?
      Thank you in advance!