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how to determine the span of a beam?

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How is the range of calculation of a beam or a wood fault determined on two simple supports? 

It's obvious you will say ... but apparently it's not obvious in the same way for everyone. 

This is why the opinion of the platform interests me, since I did not find anything as official explanation in EC5. 

Take an example: a joist (or breakdown) placed on two masonry walls or two wood or steel beams, 25 cm thick. 
I say well put on it, not fixed against with wall or hoofs; the 25 cm is the maximum support length, the minimum being considered at 5 cm. 

- the distance between naked interior supports, that is to say where there is only the void under the wood? 
- The distance between the walls, regardless of the length of the joist (a bit like the Reinforced Concrete)? 
- The total length of the piece of wood, that it stops just 5 cm from the edge of the void, or that it extends to the other side of the wall or the support beam? 
- A fixed length such as for example: empty + 2 times the 5 cm of regulatory support, even if the joist is longer? 
- Anything else ...? 

Please help.
I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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