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EN 1991-1-3_Confusion with Fig. 5.7

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Hello everyone.

I'm from Ukraine, our country has decided to implement the codes just a few years ago, so I need a lot of guidance learing them.

Maybe, my question can look stupid, but I can't find one of the coordinates to define the snow load shape coefficients for case 5.3.6, namely the vertical value in the right part of Fig. 5.7 (I marked the necessary dimension in red).

Thanks for any help in advance.


P.S. Maybe you know some detailed guide on EN 1991-1-3, I'd be very thankful.

Fig. 5.7.jpg

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You need to interpret that image in context with the image above it (for the case where b2<=ls) and then you'll see that the value you're looking for is u1 (mi-1). Thus, the shape coefficients go down to u1 at a distance "ls" from the wall under the higher roof.


As for references - check out "Designers’ Guide to Eurocode 1 - Actions on Buildings" and "Manual for the Design of Building Structures to Eurocode 1 and Basis of Structural Design".


Happy new year!

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Thanks a lot. I also suspected, that might be u1.


Happy New Year to everyone! ^_^

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