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Bibliography on timber design

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  1. Concise Eurocode for design of timber structures. BS EN 1995: Eurocodes 5 - Julian Marcroft.
  2. Manual for the design of timber building structures to Eurocode 5 - IStructE & TRADA.
  3. Practical Design of Timber Structures to Eurocode 5 - H.J. Larsen & V. Enjily.
  4. Structural Timber Design to Eurocode 5 - Jack Porteous & Abdy Kermani.


  1. Trada (Timber Research and Development Association)
  2. Handbook 1 (Timber structures.)
  3. Handbook 2 (Design of Timber Structures according to EC5.)

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    • Timber Tech
      By Timber Tech
      Hi all,
      I work for TimberTech, a company that develops design software for timber structures.
      We recently developed floor vibrations checks and specifically we referred to Eurocode 5 for floors with a fundamental frequency greater than 8 Hz and advanced methods such as "Hamm/Richter modified" for floors with a fundamental frequency less than 8Hz. You can find an extract of the calculation report at this link:
      My questions are: what method do you use in your country? Do you know any other calculation method for checking floor vibration?
    • Jummybear
      By Jummybear
      Hi everyone,
      I am not very familiar with seismic design especially of timer prefabricated houses. Can somebody recommend me the way to move on, probably some good guide/book/tutorial? We live in anti-seismic zone so we do need to perform seismic analyses for our projects. But some of our clients from abroad are asking if we are able to perform such calculations for them. Until now, the answer is negative, but in future we would like to be able to perform such calculations. Looking for starting point, I will be grateful for any help. Customers are mainly from Europe and Scandinavia.
    • Capacity
      By Capacity
      I'm designing a portal frame structure similar to third type on the picture.
      Mine also has a horizontal tension element (a tie) at the level of knee joint (column-beam) connecting both columns. Knee joint is not glued but has to be mechanically connected. Base connection to the foundation is also rigid because my frame is quite high and I need it to stiffen it against lateral deformation.
      My question is what kind of knee joint would you design. I'm considering a system with self-tapping screws in tension like ZD-Platte or glued in metal sheets like HSK-System.
      I cannot use double beam or column.
      How do you usually design a rigid connection? With bolts? For that you usually need to make the wooden members bigger to make it work and still stiffness stays an issue.