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I have two questions,

First, I am concerning in studying Eurocode 2 online, could you please propose me a certified training center, where can I take courses online.

Second, could you please recommend me an Engineering University giving Master in structural engineering online?

I am living in Iraq, I am working in good job, and therefore, I couldn’t leave for studying on campus.

Thank you in advance,


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Hello Omar,

You could check Concrete Centre's website! I am not sure if you could attend webinars there but it is probably the best place to buy all the necessary resources to become Eurocode 2 expert. You could also check our bibliography list on concrete design to Eurocode 2.

As for the distance learning Masters, I am sure there are a lot of universities in UK (e.g. Surrey) that offer similar courses.

Hope this helps..!

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Dear Ion,

I appreciate your reply, it is useful!

At first sight, the bibliography list is helpful as I see.

Thank you so much!

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Hi, I have recently completed the MSc Steel Construction from The University of Sheffield, and am currently working for a UK based steel design & fabrication company based in India. I wanted to know possible certification courses for EC pertaining to steel design.

Thanks in advance,


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Have a look at SCI's website! I think you will find what you are looking for there!

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      Hi all,

      Is anyone aware of a requirement to control crack width in a reinforced concrete corbel to eurocode 2?  Could I just take the area of the tension strut and check the minimum rebar controls cracking?

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      What I can't seem to see, despite consulting several books, is the assumed distribution of forces in a doubly reinforced beam: obviously some of the moment is carried by opposing compressive and tension bars with the rest being taken by the compression zone concrete and tension steel. At a point where (say) the applied moment is one third of the maximum design moment it's probably the case that it could be resisted by the reinforcement only or by the section without the compression reinforcement, but presumably the correct answer is some of each. Help appreciated.
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      The attached link is for Worked examples to Eurocode 2, hope that you find it useful.